Dear white men, be more like Daniel Sloss, please


Yesterday I went to Hotel Cecil in Copenhagen to watch Daniel Sloss perform his new stand-up show. And he fucking delivered. Not that I’m surprised. I’ve watched him do stand-up since he looked like a knackered Justin Bieber back in 2010, and he’s always made me cry with laughter. Yesterday I didn’t just cry with laughter, I also shed a few tears because of my pain and gratitude, because Daniel said all the things I’ve wanted to hear come out of the mouth of a straight, white male for years.


He talked about how sex education only teaches us about reproduction and not pleasure, and how women are portrayed as nothing but vessels when you only focus on reproduction. He talked about menstruation, tampons and pads. He talked about the problems of toxic and fragile masculinity. And now I’m making it sound like I was attending a lecture on the female anatomy and how to overthrow the patriarchy instead of a stand-up show, but that’s not the case. Sloss just has an amazing ability to combine humour and seriousness. Whether or not you can make jokes about everything is a constant topic of discussion in comedy; Sloss says that you can, and I agree. It depends on how you do it. You can make jokes about rape, if you don’t make the rape survivor the butt of the joke. Making jokes about a serious topic doesn’t necessarily trivialise it, if done right it can alleviate some pain and distress. And that’s what happened to me yesterday when Sloss began to talk about sexual assault.


The end of his show is not so much comedy as it is a TED Talk (his words), which is how he usually ends his shows. He urged men to examine their own behaviours towards women, and to have those awkward conversations with each other about sexual assault and harassment. And he did point out that women have been saying this for years, but unfortunately the men who call the MeToo movement a witch-hunt, those men who are afraid of the consequences of the movement, are the men who don’t listen to women, and that’s why we need white men to tell them these things. Sloss also destroyed the #NotAllMen excuse that many men hide behind. He said that if it is only a few men who do it (sexual assault women), and the rest do nothing, it is all men, and at that point I wanted to saw off my tits and throw them in his face to show him how much I appreciated the things he was saying (because we all know that tits are the greatest present you can give someone, no matter if they’re attached to a body or not).


I went up to Daniel after the show and thanked him for talking about these things, and he humbly shrugged and said that he doesn’t contribute the most. But to tour the world with a show that’s mostly about female sexual pleasure, female anatomy, toxic and fragile masculinity, the MeToo movement, and sexual assault is not nothing. When this show comes out on Netflix (which I really hope it does), I will force-feed every man I know with it.


I feel about Daniel the way he feels about babies. To understand exactly what that means, you have to watch this show. In the meantime, go watch his shows Dark and Jigsaw on Netflix.


And here are some jokes for you:


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